The Mines of Graballa: Season 1 Episode 2

Plot Edit

Naare tries to train Rowan in the ways of the Force so Rowan can find another Kyber Saber Crystal but Kordi won't let Rowan take part in such dangerous activities. However Rowan wants to help Naare so he tricks Roger into helping him get a ship out of the hanger. Naare and Rowan find a Kyber Saber Crystal on an asteroid belt but it is owned by Graballa the Hutt, Jabba's brother. Graballa finds the two and gets his men to capture them. He finds the crystal and demands where Rowan got it from. When Graballa realises that Rowan can find more crysrals for him he threatens to feed Rowan to his pet if Rowan refuses to help him. Luckily, Kordi and Zander come to the rescue and in the midst of a huge battle, the Kyber Saber Crystal is lost in the asteroid belt! Rowan uses the Force to retrieve it and they head back home. Graballa is furious and he pays his bounty hunter Dengar to track the Freemakers down.

Cast Edit

  • Rowan - Nicolas Cantu
  • Kordi - Vanessa Lengies
  • Zander - Eugene Byrd
  • Roger - Matthew Wood
  • Naare - Grey DeLisle
  • Graballa the Hutt - Dana Snyder
  • Jabba the Hutt - Kevin Michael Richardson
  • Dengar - James Patrick Stuart
  • Raam/Yeppau - Danny Jacobs
  • Baash - John DiMaggio

Notes & trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode where Graballa the Hutt features
  • This is the first episode where Yeppau features.

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